Needles and Yarn Keep a Knox Woman Young at Heart

At the age of 95, Coral Furrow is the oldest person in the town of Knox.

“I always wondered why The Lord didn’t take me, but maybe he kept me to keep kids hands warm,” said Furrow.

But age doesn’t slow this woman down.

“She’s a wonderful woman. She’s helping a lot of children be warm this winter,” said Paul Garelli, a neighbor and friend of Furrow’s.

In the past year, the Maine native has knit dozens of mittens for children in Waldo county.

“They’re kind of cute. I like to have them fairly attractive, you see,” Furrow continued, “To know the kids are really getting some use out of it makes me feel good.”


Furrow donates the mittens to her neighbor, Paul Garelli. He’s also the founder of People for People.

It’s an organization for those in need during the holiday season and it’s in its 29th year.

“We’ve raised over $850,000 with 100% of that money going to food and gifts for the needy and elderly in Waldo county,” said Garelli.

Furrow likes the idea of keeping her work local. “Well, I think if I’m going to help anybody it’s better to do it to your neighbors if they need. I really do.

The 95-year-old said knitting keeps her young. “I do it to keep my hands flexible and I intend to keep at is as long as I live.”

The Waldo County organization is still accepting donations for the holiday season.

You can send cash or a check to: People for People, P.O. Box1, Thorndike, ME 04986.

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