Canines Help UMaine Students Prepare for Finals


Talk to a college student towards the end of the semester and the word “stress” is bound to come up.

The University of Maine is trying to help students relax with a little help from man’s best friend.

“It’s really nice to have well trained dogs that can come, visit and be welcomed in public places like here at the UMaine library,” said Rebecca Henderson, a volunteer for Therapy Dogs International.

Finch and Shelty visited Orono on Wednesday. They are certified therapy dogs and the students can’t seem to get enough.

Henderson said, “It gives them a real opportunity to de-stress, hang out with the dogs, maybe forget about finals for just a little while.”

Freshman, Emily Dillon said, “It’s just so nice that they can understand all the pressure and stress that all of the students are going through with finals and everything.”

The dogs are here thanks to a suggestion board in the library.

Last year, students asked for some furry friends.

Both the University and Therapy Dogs International thought it would be a great idea.

The four-legged friends will stop by two more times this semester at the Fogler Library on campus.

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