Bucksport Community Mourns the Death of High School Freshman


A 15-year-old is dead and a community is in mourning.

“It’s gut wrenching. I really just, words can’t describe what it is,” said Ryan Grindle, a senior at Bucksport High School.

Taylor Darveau was killed Thursday night after a car accident on Bucksmills Road.

Her 16-year-old classmate was driving when they went off the road and hit into a tree.

The driver was treated and released.

Police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

“We can’t really rule anything in or out at this time because I don’t have the concrete evidence to do that,” said Sean Geagan, Bucksport Police Chief.

While a cause might give some closure, the town is dealing with the loss.

Geagan said, “It’s a true tragedy to the town. It is a small town, very close knit town. Anytime we lose anyone, let alone a 15-year-old Bucksport High School student, it’s a true tragedy for the community.”

Grief counselors and police officers were at the high school Friday to offer support.

High School Junior and Family friend of the Darveau’s, Matthew Steward, said “It’s been hard. I think it’s been hard for all of us. Just because she had a big life ahead of her and she was going to manage our wrestling team. It’s a big loss for the community.”

Friends said the former cheerleader had a special spark.

“She was just kind of one of those people you would see in the morning and all of a sudden your day was just to much better. She brought a smile to your face,” said Logan Cote, a senior.

Just last weekend, the high school freshman celebrated Bucksport’s homecoming.

This weekend, the team will honor her memory.

“Everyone got wrist bands and arm bands that are pink for Taylor. The football team got stickers for their helmets. To see everyone come together, it’s kind of nice to show their respect,” said Grindle.

A candlelight walk in honor of the teen is schedule for 6:30 Friday night by the Boat Landing in Bucksport.

The high school will be open on Saturday for anyone who needs support.

Social Workers will be available from 9am until noon.

The school’s football game has been postponed. They will played Saturday at Orono at 7pm.

The girl’s soccer game has also been pushed back. They’ll play at Orono at 2pm.

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