Maine Innovators Share Their Stories

safe_image-10.phpA pat on the back can go a long way.

“You can’t forget to celebrate. You can’t forget to say good job. You can’t forget to acknowledge your friends and business partners with what a wonderful job they do,” said Ed Cervone, Maine Development Foundation President and CEO.

Giving someone or something a “thank you” is the driving force behind the MDF Meeting.

This year’s 35th annual get together recognized the pine tree state’s own innovators.

Cervone said, “We picked a variety of storytellers from around the state, as well as from a variety of different fields like: architecture, schools, neuroscience.”

One of those storytellers is Keri Seitz. She’s the President and CEO of FHC Inc. in Bowdoin.

Over the past year, the Bangor native has played a large role in getting Deep Brain Stimulation treatment back into our hospitals.

“That treatment is available in Maine and it hasn’t been available in Maine for eight or 10 years,” said Seitz.

It’s just one example of how of Mainers are helping our state excel.

Assistant Vice President of Corporate and Social Responsibility at the University of Maine Orono, Cary Olson Cartwright, said “It’s just fantastic to see the people that are here, the innovation that takes place here. It’s just a wonderful neighborly feel. Maine is truly a small community.”

In all, five people received awards and three Mainers shared their stories.

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