Maine State Federation of Firefighters Convention Kicks Off

safe_image-8.phpDon’t be alarmed if you see hundreds of firefighters heading to Ellsworth this weekend.

Friday marks the official kickoff to the 50th Annual Maine State Federation of Firefighters convention.

The Ellsworth Fire Department is hosting the event.

Organizers tell TV5 they expect about 500 people to attend the three day event.

The convention is focused around learning from and reuniting with firefighters from around the state.

Lt. Gary Saunders with the Ellsworth Fire Department said “To see them year after year. You see their kids grow up and you are our kids grow up and it’s just a big comradery. They say its a brother hood and that’s what it is. A brother and sisterhood.”

The event runs through Sunday and is open to the public.For more information, head to

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