Maine-Based Company Helps Remember the State’s Fallen

safe_image-3.phpMaine heroes are not forgotten.

That’s the message Maine native Maj. David Cote is sending with The Summit Project.

Cote and his brother plan to remember Maine’s fallen by hiking up Mt. Katahdin on Memorial Day of 2014.

The engraved stones, representing those who lost their lives, will also make the trek to the top of the mountain.

The owner of Downes Enterprise, Charles Downes, is volunteering his time for the project by doing all of the engraving.

Families of the military members have picked stones from right here in Maine.

Downes said “Each one of these stones come from either the solider who passed, either their favorite hunting spot, fishing spot, their farm. Each stone is attached to each individual solider in some specific way.”

The owner and his wife also plan to hike the mountain with the memorials in hand, something Downes says is a small sacrifice. “You put a rock in a backpack that’s representing the rucksacks they put on their back everyday. To hike that mountain, these soldiers are hiking god knows how many miles all the time. I think it’s just an all around great idea.”

This year 40 stones will make the trip, representing maine military members of all ages.

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