Etna Orchard Gets Ready for Maine Apple Sunday

safe_image-2.phpHow do you like them apples?

If you like to pick your own, add this event to your list: Maine Apple Sunday.

Mike Parsons at Conant Orchards in Etna said the September 8th event is really just a good time. “We have facepainting for the kids. We have balloons for the kids. We have all kinds of samples out for everybody.”

Most importantly, it’s all about the fruit. The former owner and current employee said some varieties are flourishing, but the others, not so much.

Parsons tells TV5, Macintosh apples are drastically down this year because of the weather.

He also said that makes it even more important for people to come out and buy local. “We can sell them directly to the people. They’re getting a better deal, a fresher apple. It just gets out apples gone and ready for another year,” said Parsons.

The orchard employee said events like Maine Apple Sunday help keep business booming.Especially for this family farm, which started harvesting in 1945 and is currently owned by its 4th generation, Parsons’ youngest son.

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