Officials Remind Drivers of Bus Safety Laws

safe_image.phpEach school day, the Cyr Bus Company transports more than 10,000 Maine children to and from school grounds. It’s easy to forget bus safety tips when they’re no where to be found in the Summer.

But, now that school’s back in session, officials ask you to take some extra time. General Manager of Cyr Bus Company, Rick Soules, said “Pay attention and be distracted by our yellow bus enough to be stopped by the yellow bus.”

The laws are easy to remember: slow down, make a complete stop when you see the flashing red lights and be sure to eliminate distractions.

Here’s another reason to look out: new legislation makes it easier to catch those who violate the rules.

Chief Deputy Troy Morton with the Penobscot County Sheriffs Office, said, “It allows law enforcement not only to charge an operator of a vehicle but if we can’t tell who the operator of the vehicle is we can summons the registered owner of the vehicle.”Drivers who violate those rules could face serious consequences. “

These are moving violations and you can both be assessed a fine and points against your license,” said Morton.

Keep in mind, students may not always remember the rules for entering and exiting a bus.

But if a driver is defensive, everyone can be safe.



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