New Firefighters Battle the Heat

image-22As students across the state are preparing to go back to school, a handful of Maine firefighters are getting a jump start on their education.

It’s part of the Penobscot County Fire Academy, a two week basic fire school for new firefighters.

Hampden Firefighter Chelsea Young said, “I guess this is where you get to see if you like it or not. This is the ultimate test.” Young continued, “It’s physical, emotional, mental. Everything.”

Holden Firefighter and Penobscot County Fire Academy Coordinator, Lt. Chris Beaumont said, “We started with some hose trainings. Obviously today were doing some later work. Some forced entries and search. We’ve got some live fires planned for later this week and we had some car fires last weekend.”

It can be a bit of a mental test for those participating. Young said, “I’ve learned a lot about myself that I can do anything that I set my mind to.”

A second year live-in Firefighter with Milford and training instructor, Jake Hammond said, “Getting in through your head that you can do it. It may not be the same way that I do it or someone else does it. Your technique would be different but your outcomes going to be the same.”

“You can come here Orrington and Hampden and everywhere and people you’ve never really worked with before and they’re just your brothers,” Hammond continued

Twelve Firefighters from six different departments all take part in the training.

The departments involved donate equipment and instructors, allowing the new firefighters to attend the school for free.

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