Longest-Running Summer Antiques Show Kicks Off in Ellsworth

The Ellsworth Antiques Show at Woodlawn has a history all its own.

The show began in 1937 and is now the longest-running summer antiques show in the nation, drawing people from all over.

One couple from the Philadelphia area made a stop at the show for the 32nd time.

“We come here every year to see what’s being sold and what the prices are. Occasionally we buy something. It’s fun. It’s part of our summer, we wouldn’t miss it,” said Betsy Morgan.

Many look to buy, while others admire the collections.

Southwest Harbor resident, Terri Peterson, said, “I always get amazed at how much people were able to get accomplished without all the time saving devices that we currently have.”

The Woodlawn Museum hosts the event. One organizer called it the perfect partnership, since the museum’s items aren’t up for grabs.

Chairman of the Antiques Show, Bill Schwind, said, “You can’t buy the beautiful objects, but you can come to the antique show and buy comparable quality. The quality is superb.”

The event’s main focus is on history, but it also looks to the future.

Proceeds from the show will do to the Woodland School Programs, which allows students to visit the museum free of charge.

“We just believe that it’s very important that kids come here and have the opportunity to experience history, experience this great property and see the collections and get inspired,” said Joshua Torrance, the Executive Director of the Woodlawn museum.

You can attend the show on August 16th and 17th from 10am – 5pm.

For more information, head to WoodlawnMuseum.org.image-21

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