Kids Learn to Survive in Mother Nature’s Classroom

image-20Kids are spending one of their last moments of summer in Maine’s Great Outdoors.

At Camp Forest, a non-profit camp in Brooks, kids learn to do things like build a shelter, make food, and shape tools.

And they get to do it, in Mother Nature’s classroom.

Students are proud of their own creations, like their own man-made shelters.

Jacob Coons, a 6-year-old camper, said he helped make it with moss, leaves, pine needles, and sticks.

Another camper, Sam Gerrid, helped out too and said “this shelter is my favorite one.”

These kids get to learn from a professional.

Head Counselor, Adam Stone, is also a Maine Guide.

Stone has seen dozens of students over the years, and some, like Junior Counselor Alex Lurie, keep coming back.

“I earned my osprey badge which is kind of the first level and I recently last year earned my eagle badge, which is a pretty massive accomplishment,” Said Lurie.

Lurie will be heading to college in the fall and hopes to continuing working with the environment, thanks for Camp Forest.

“It really has shaped a lot of who I am,” said the junior counselor.

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