Bangor Residents Look to Fill Vacant City Council Seats

BRPeHGWCEAE96vmElection season is closing in.

Candidates in Bangor are starting their campaigns for city council.

“I wish everybody could take a turn on city council you really learn a lot about how your city works,” said Ben Sprague, Bangor City Councilmen.

“Federal government, they don’t get a lot done. State government, I don’t think they get that much done. But on the local level, we still accomplish things from time to time,” Sprague continued.

At the end of 2013, there will be three vacant seats at the city chambers.

Mayor Nelson Durgin and Councilor Charlie Longo are up for re-election, while Councilor Susan Hawes will be terming out.

With that announcement, six people have already thrown their hats into the ring.

Sprague said, “Everybody who runs and everybody who ends up on city council shares one thing: that they really believe in Bangor and want what’s best for Bangor.”

With the city’s economy continuing to grow, many community members want their voices heard and some are ready to take a seat.

Gibran Graham is one of the six people who have already picked up their petitions from city hall.

“Being on city council would be the next step to be able to continue that work that I’ve been doing,” said Graham.

Graham also said now is the perfect time to give all of the people in Bangor a voice.”Sometimes it’s always the one whose loudest who seems to be heard the most, but not everybody wants to shout.”

Those interested in running have until September 6th to hand in their petitions with more than 100 signatures for the council.

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