How to Avoid Concert Ticket Scams

320x320_image-3Buyer beware: concert ticket scams are on the rise.

Mark Bravemen, the owner of Mark’s Music, the official box office for waterfront concerts, knows what it’s like to buy a fake ticket.

“I’ve been scammed myself,” said Bravemen, “You got to be careful. You really should only buy tickets from the box office or from ticket master directly.”

The music store woner said scalpers try to sell tickets before they even go on sale.

That was the case when the announcement of a rap show at the Bangor Waterfront was leaked this past year. “People were online selling Lil Wayne tickets for front row for $300-$400 and the tickets didn’t exist,” said Bravemen.

If you want to guarantee to get into the show to see your favorite artists, having a hard copy of the ticket may be your best bet.

Box Office Manager for Waterfront Concerts, Randy Dufour, said “You’ll want to make sure your ticket says ticket master, which is our official box office. You always want to make sure you have a barcode that can be readable by our scanner. Make sure that you have a section assigned that is in our seating chart with a row and a seat.”

Also remember, many ticket-selling website might not be credible.

Bravemen said, “If a shows sold out and you can’t get a ticket, the only other website where I would get a ticket would be tickets now dot com.”

Bottom line, buy early.

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