Police Departments Get Ready for a Night on the Town

320x320_image-2Bangor community members are speaking up.

Member of the East Side Watch, Pauline Civiello, said “We can’t do anything if we don’t get involved.”

Many residents are taking part in a neighborhood watch program in conjunction with their local police.

“If it’s important to you, it’s important to us,” said Jason McAmbley, Community Relations Officer for the Bangor Police Department.

The West Side Watch formed a few years ago, covering areas like Second, Union and Sanford streets.

Thanks to last year’s National Night Out Against Crime, the East Side Watch was formed.

They focus on Grove through Maple streets, between State Street and Garland.

Both groups are gearing up for this year’s Night Out.

McAmbley said “We have two neighborhood watch groups now so neighbor watch has increased 100%. We expect participation after this event to increase 100%.”

The event will be held at Second Street Park on Tuesday night and while there will be plenty of fun and games, the underlying message is to make sure everyone who comes here is involved in their community and feeling safe.

Timothy Kelly from the West Side Watch group said, “It’s a really neat way for us to network and send a message out that they were watching out for one and other.”

Officer McAmbley said neighborhood watch calls can range from a noise complaints to suspicious cars.

But lately, residents think drug use in the area has been on the rise.

“With in the last few weeks we found a syringe in Chapin Park with a broken needle. There are children running around with bare feet. Babies crawling. I think people need to be aware that’s still an issue,” said Civiello,

Both groups said they’ve seen a decrease in illegal activity and have even help solve some petty solve crimes.

Bangor Police believe these are steps in the right direction for a safer community.

“The right kind of people are going to say that’s great. I’m really glad I live in a neighborhood like that. The wrong kind of people are going to leave and it’s just that simple,” said the Community Relations Officer.

Two local departments are hosting the night out on Tuesday.

Bangor’s will take place on Second Street at 6pm.

Oakland Police will hold their event at Messalonskee Middle school starting at 5pm.

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