Monthly Archives: August 2013

Officials Remind Drivers of Bus Safety Laws

Each school day, the Cyr Bus Company transports more than 10,000 Maine children to and from school grounds. It’s easy to forget bus safety tips when they’re no where to be found in the Summer. But, now that school’s back in session, officials ask you to take some extra time. General Manager of Cyr Bus […]

The American Folk Festival Food Court Offering More Variety Than Ever

TV 5’s Jackie De Tore and Terry Stackhouse spoke with one of the most popular tents at the American Folk Festival. Watch as they tackle the skills to make a perfect pizza.  

New Firefighters Battle the Heat

As students across the state are preparing to go back to school, a handful of Maine firefighters are getting a jump start on their education. It’s part of the Penobscot County Fire Academy, a two week basic fire school for new firefighters. Hampden Firefighter Chelsea Young said, “I guess this is where you get to […]

Longest-Running Summer Antiques Show Kicks Off in Ellsworth

The Ellsworth Antiques Show at Woodlawn has a history all its own. The show began in 1937 and is now the longest-running summer antiques show in the nation, drawing people from all over. One couple from the Philadelphia area made a stop at the show for the 32nd time. “We come here every year to […]

Kids Learn to Survive in Mother Nature’s Classroom

Kids are spending one of their last moments of summer in Maine’s Great Outdoors. At Camp Forest, a non-profit camp in Brooks, kids learn to do things like build a shelter, make food, and shape tools. And they get to do it, in Mother Nature’s classroom. Students are proud of their own creations, like their […]

Bangor Residents Look to Fill Vacant City Council Seats

Election season is closing in. Candidates in Bangor are starting their campaigns for city council. “I wish everybody could take a turn on city council you really learn a lot about how your city works,” said Ben Sprague, Bangor City Councilmen. “Federal government, they don’t get a lot done. State government, I don’t think they […]

How to Avoid Concert Ticket Scams

Buyer beware: concert ticket scams are on the rise. Mark Bravemen, the owner of Mark’s Music, the official box office for waterfront concerts, knows what it’s like to buy a fake ticket. “I’ve been scammed myself,” said Bravemen, “You got to be careful. You really should only buy tickets from the box office or from […]