Specialist Visits Amputees at a Bangor Clinic

image-16The Hanger Clinic in Bangor welcomes dozens of people each day.

On Thursday, patients had a visit with a specialist known for a Hollywood film.

Almost 9 years ago, Jason Hawe became an amputee after a motorcycle accident.

“There isn’t too much that holds me back when I put my mind to doing something,” said Hawe.

But thanks to a supportive medical staff and new technology, Hawe is on the move. “This my life and I’m not going sit in a a wheel chair I’m not going walk around on crutches.”

Hawe can add Kevin Carroll to the list of people who have helped in along the way.

Carroll is a world-renowned prostheist. His claim to fame comes to life in the 2011 film, Dolphin Tale. Carroll and his colleague designed the first prosthetic tail for a dolphin – for this one – named Winter.

“One if our first patients she had been down to visit winter the dolphin and said she was really inspired by winter. So winter has given a lot back to children, especially.”

Winter has been swimming and flipping ever since, but the technology it took to build her tail, has been helping those on land too.

Caroll said, “We continue to come up with new ideas for the dolphin. And as a result from new ideas from the dolphin we come up with new technologies for patients.”

Hawe is living proof of that technology. “My first prosthetic I had to make it work by myself I had to flick the leg out and make it go through the walking motion and all that. This particular one is all computerized.”

Dolphin Tale 2, which centers around Winter’s life with another Dolphin Hope, hits theaters in 2014.

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