Town Inches Closer to Finalizing Steeple Construction

image-13Janice Shute has lived in Stockton Springs since for 60 years.

On Wednesday, she saw a piece of her past come back to life. “This is one one of the happiest days of my life,” said Shute.

In 2008, the Steeple on top of the Stockton Springs Community church was taken down for safety reasons.

Now, a new Steeple with the same historic design is making a comeback.

Pastor Steven DeGroft said “It’s the town who had contributed the funds to raise this along with the church.”

The masterminds behind the project are six women ranging in age from 75 to 91 years old. Those ladies are known as the “Steeple People…”

“We feel more like sisters than we do friends,” said Shute.

The oldest of the group, 91-year-old Pearl, led the woman in ringing the original bell for the first time in 6 years.

A sound the town has been been waiting to hear.

Shute said “It feels like we’re really accomplishing something. Not only putting the steeple up but bringing the community together.”

The Steeple Ladies need to raise an additional $22,000 to put the spire on top of the steeple.

They’re hoping to complete the project by summer of 2014.

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