Mother Aims to Prevent Another Tragedy on the Sebec River

image-11Dacano Arno spent his life volunteering.

On June 3rd, he saved his friend’s life when a nighttime swim turned deadly on the Sebec River.

An hour later, 17-year-old Dacano’s body was found near the base of the dam.

Now, his mom Jody, and twin brother, Darango, are keeping Dacano’s memory alive.

They are using fundraising money to build the Sebec Bridge Emergency Tower.

Dacano’s mother said, Rather then the money going to where ever that if we could actually save somebody else’s child or help in some way that that would be a better option.

Community members said they hear about a near-drowning in the river almost every year.

Up until now, there hasn’t been a solid idea on how to prevent tragedy.

“They talked about a fence, if you put up at 10 ft fence any teenager is going to find an 11 ft latter,” said Arno.

Jody said her son was an excellent swimmer, but no one could fight the force of the flowing water and rocks.

Although the water may seem calm, Dacano’s mother said it can get much worse. Water can flow three feet over the dam and it can be deafening, which is why Jody believes this new safety addition and its siren are key. “There is an alarm system that goes off that alerts the neighboring people so they know they don’t have to actually leave the tower itself. There’s a call box there so you can actually communicate with a 911 services.”

The tower will immediately connect a caller with dispatch. Then, the siren and flashing light will go off to alert the community, while the dome camera captures images of the scene.

An idea, Jody says, Dacano would have approved.

The family is now awaiting approve from the Department of Transportation for use of the land.

Jody said the sooner the tower is up, the safer the town will be.

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