Lt. Col. Thanks Police Officer with a Symbol of Freedom

image-9If you take a drive around almost any town in Maine, you’ll probably come across an American Flag. You’re also likely to find a veteran.

The Joliat’s know all about both.

Melody and Phil Joliat are troop greeters and their son, Herbie, is an Army Lt. Col. Herbie has been on six deployments and during his most recent in Afghanistan, he would fly flags over his headquarters and send them back to the states.

When Holden Police Officer Chris Greeley caught wind of it, he wanted to meet mom and dad. “Well, I thought hey, I should go see them.”

Melody Joliat remembers the day, “A policemen drove up in the driveway and I’m like oh no what happened. My heart was beating a mile a minute.”

But this was good news.

Greeley came with a legislative pin from his time in the Maine State House and a brand new Holden Police patch for the Joliat’s son.

The circle of gratitude didn’t end there.

“I told my son about it in an email and he was so taken by it that he thought, ya know he deserves to get a flag,” said Herbie’s mom.

The Joliat’s presented Officer Greeley and the Holden Police department with their own flags flown in a war zone.

The Department plans to proudly display their flag for all to see, while Greeley said he’ll keep his forever.

The Lt. Col. currently lives in Fort Brag, North Carolina, but will be back in Holden visiting his parents this coming weekend.

He hopes to eventually settle down in Maine and possibly get a teaching job.

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