Skowhegan Community Raising Money to Restore a Town Landmark

image-8A Place to Watch. That’s Showhegan’s town motto.

Since 1969, they’ve had quite the watch guard, But at 44 years old, this sculpture needs a fix me up.

Executive Director for Main Street Skowhegan, Dugan Murphy, said “We’re on track to restore the Indian in the summer of 201.’

The community is coming together to raise $65,000 to restore Bernard Langlais’ Skowhegan Indian.

The taxpayers even contributed $10,000 dollars to the project, a rare feat for the town.

Executive Director of the Skowhegan Area Chamber of Commerce, Cory King, said “If you’ve ever been to a town meeting before you know everybody doesn’t agree on anything and to have 95% of the people agree to it, it just felt really good.”

Not only does the Indian tower over most of it’s tribe, but it is also the tallest sculpture of an American Indian in the world. Standing at 62 feet tall on a 20 foot base – making it a staple in the town for generations.

“When Madison played Skowhegan in football in the 70’s, the Madison kids would come down and shoot arrows at the Indian and it was a real point of pride,” said King.

An original arm, a weir, and spear have been removed for safety reasons and the contractor said about 10% of the Indian needs a fresh coat of paint.

Executive Director of the Skowhegan Area Chamber of Commerce said “Most of it is what is parallel to the ground {needs fixing.} So the top of the hands and the arms, the top of the head, but the things that are vertical seemed to not collect as much water and are not in need of such restoration.”

The town is about $8,000 short of their goal. However,organizers said after the initial work is done next summer, it won’t take much for the Indian to look brand new.

“It will only require a minimal annual or bi-annual maintenance cost to keep it up,” said Murphy.

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