Fourth of July Safety Tips

image-4Lighting up the sky is a tradition when it comes to our nation’s birthday.

In 2012, many towns in Maine legalized consumer fireworks, making safety a top priority.

The Co-Owner of Short Fuse Fireworks in Old Town, Will Sewall, said even small fireworks need to be handled with care.

Morning Glory and Sparklers have always been legal in the state, but Assistant Fire Chief Anthony Riitano said if you’re not careful, they can cause serious injuries. “Sparklers for instance, those can burn up to 1,200 degrees farenheit, so that is 2nd 3rd degree burns.”

As for the larger fireworks, follow instructions carefully.

Sewall says to stand parallel to any canister, light it, and then walk away.

Also, avoid touching any explosive near the fuse, since it can remain hot long after it’s been lit.

Keep plenty of water nearby when you’re ready to dispose of the debris. “Put it in some asphalt, spray it with a hose that’s probably the best thing to do,” said Sewall.

Even though fireworks are legal in the state, each town has their own regulations. To find out if you can set off fireworks where you live, contact your local fire department.

If you’d like more information head to the Fire Marsha’s officewebsite.

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