St. Joseph Healthcare Gives Back to Volunteers

image-2Hospitals can be intimidating for some people, but at St. Joseph Healthcare in Bangor, visitors can see a familiar face.

“It makes me feel better to know I’m doing something positive,” said Betty Cobb, a hospital volunteer.

Cobb has spent every Thursday manning the Gift Shop for the past 25 years and she’s not the only one.

Sam Coco has his own special reason to greet people at the front desk.

“Payback. My wife worked her for 18 years as the health science librarian,” said Coco.

When his wife passed away three years ago, Coco found it therapeutic to be at the hospital. He’s been coming back ever since.

The volunteer said, “She’s watching somewhere and I know that she’s happy in doing something at a place he loved to be at and that makes me happy.”

St Joseph Healthcare Volunteer Coordinator, Renee Bouchard said people like Betty and Sam are vital to hospital operations. “They escort patients, they assist in the cafeteria nutrition services, they help on the patient floors.”

Earlier this week, the hospital honored its 83 volunteers who logged almost 127,000 hours at the hospital in 2012.

“They’re appreciated everyday, but it’s so nice to have that one evening a year where we can celebrate their success,” said Bouchard.

If you’d like to donate your time at the hospital, the Volunteer Coordinator says you can stop by 360 Broadway and pick up an application.

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