Business Owners Discuss Possible Improvements as Part of Small Business Week

image-1Small Businesses are an essential puzzle piece for many communities.

As part of National Small Business Week, state leaders are traveling throughout Maine to see how they can make life easier on local shops.

In a suburb of Newport and Dexter, Corinna residents are hard at work.

The Owner of Gerry’s Used Cars, Gerry Marshall, said, “We’re all very busy people. Most of us small business people work 12-14 hours a day”

Maine’s Community Development Commissioner George Gervais talked with local managers on what the state can do to help small business owners.

“One comment was: this is the first person who’s walked into our office in 31 years so yeah I think they’re happy we paid attention to them,” said Gervais.

Some owners said the extra paperwork and high taxes can make managing a business a burden, but not everyone is in the red.

The commissioner said, “We’ve met with businesses who are seeing success as well which is very good for the state.”

The owner of Gerry’s Used Cars says, for him, life is good. “My business has been wonderful. I’ve been fortunate the type of business I’ve run the so called recession hasn’t affected me.”

But for those struggling, the commissioner said it’s time for the state to step in. “Our focus is to make it easier to do business here in the state of Maine.”

Gervais plans to head back to Augusta and discuss with other administration members on what legislation could be made to make maintaining a business more appealing.

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