A Bittersweet Goodbye to the Marion C. Cook School

image-7The end of another school year is bittersweet for the students at Marion C. Cook elementary school in LaGrange.

“I couldn’t have asked to go to a better school. All the teachers here are wonderful,” said Sonny Prendergast, a 4th grade student.

Since 1985, the halls of this school have been filled with students. Due to recent budget cuts, in September these students will be reassigned to Milo Elementary School.

Before they close the doors for good, current students, alumni, and faculty return for one last good bye.

Former Student Richie Russell said, “I met my first best friends and all these people are my friends. I think it prepared me for other schools.”

The cafeteria tables were covered in pictures and all different generations filled the auditorium.

Mary Lynn Kazyaka, a 4th and 5th grade teacher at the school, said, “To have them all here at the same time has been absolutely joyful for us.”

Mrs. K, who has been with the school since the opening, said she’ll be proud to look back on the past 18 years. “We will all leave with sadness in our hearts, but joy in what we’ve accomplished here.”

As a final farwell, everyone filled balloons with their favorite memories.

“I love this place I’ll never forget it. Best teachers, best friends, best school ever,” said Prendergast.

Friday is the last official day of school for these kids.

After that, the teachers will pack up the past 18 years and get ready to start school in the fall.


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