Lt. Colonel Sends His Gratitude for Trees For Troops to Newburgh

320x320_image-5On a hot June day, people at Piper Mountain Farm in Newburgh have Christmas on the mind.

Each year, Jim Corliss and American Legion Post 201 out of Dixmont participate in Trees for Troops.

Many of the volunteers, who are veterans themselves, know just how important it is to be thought of, especially during the Holidays.

“When I was in the service they didn’t think too much about the service people, nobody did,” Jim York, Commander of the American legion Post 201 in Dixmont.

But that’s no longer the case. Lt. Colonel Herbie Joliat received a wreath from the Farm in 2009. This Christmas, his family in North Carolina also got a tree from Piper Mountain.

On Sunday, it was his turn to say thanks.

“He flew flags over his head quarters for organizations and people that he felt honored veterans in a unique way or particularly special way,” said Phil Joliat, Lt. Colonel “Herbie” Joliat’s Father.

Jolait’s parents presented the tree farm with one of those american flags, thanking them for supporting military families.

Phil Joliat, said, “There were so many people who supported him over the years that he wanted to be able to give back. And we do, veterans likes to be able to say thank you back to people who’ve said thank you to them.”

Something that gives these volunteers the motivation to keep going.

“It makes me feel very proud that we were able to help in some way and I appreciate that they actually appreciate us doing it,” said York.

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