Middle School Students Raise $3,800 for the Shaw House

320x320_image-4The Shaw House in Bangor helps youths who are in need of a place to stay, but recently their funding has been cut by about 6%.

When a group students from Leonard Middle School in Old Town found out, they decided to help the home through the sound of music.

Music teacher, Shianne Priest, said, “They learned music and they learned life and I think both of those things really matter.”

Since music appreciation class doesn’t actually perform, they gave back to an organization through music.

They raised money through CD sales, held bake sales and school dances.

Seventh grade student, Hailey Reeves, said, “We gave them money so they could give kids more of a place to stay and more support.”

” I was able to help people who had no homes or nothing at all,” said Tyler Clavette, a 7th grader.

The kids reached out to former student, Lily Muscatell, to help them write a song to bring awareness to the homeless population. That’s when the tune “Home is a Feeling” was born.

Priest said, “It’s been a real eye opener for our kids. Not only that they can make a difference but how many people need their help and how much help they’re able to provide.”

For motivation, the students visited the home to see who they were helping.

Director of the Shaw House, Rick Tardiff, said, “It’s just important for the people at the Shaw House to know that people are thinking of us at this time.”

On Friday, the 7th grade students presented the home with a check for over $3,800, which the director said will make all the difference.

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