High School Students Discuss Community Problems

320x320_image-3Students at Hermon High School are taking their lessons into the community.

Mr. Hargrove’s Social Studies classes are taking part, in what they call, “Project Citizen.”

“The idea of this is that we integrate students into the life of being a citizen in our state, our country, our community,” said Jesse Hargrove, a Social Studies teacher at Hermon High School.

The student’s assignment was to pick a problem, come up with a solution, and then finalize an action plan to fix the issue.

Senior, Derek Bond, said, “It teaches us how to speak in public and get ideas across to the public. To try to change things and make them look the way they’re supposed to be.”

The students can’t just turn to Google for answers, they have to go out in the community and talk with experts.

Hargrove said, “Civic leaders, people from the town, people from state agencies, other non-governmental organizations that might be able to help them with their projects.”

Students came up with solutions to problems like pot holes, intersection congestion, and school improvements.

The teenagers soon realized many of the issues center around money, but they have an answer for that one too.

Junior, Amanda Allen, said, “We came up with a few fundraiser ideas that we could do there’s car washes, bake sales, there’s like a dance all night.”

“We really do need community support for all of our educational endeavors and were also trying to make education relevant,” said the social studies teacher.

The students will be judged by a panel, including some members of the TV5 team.

Jim, Wayne, and Todd will all be on hand to give the students their own advice and critiques.

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