Pet Safety Tips for Warmer Weather

320x320_image-2Summer is right around the corner, but before you let the family pet enjoy the sunshine too, there are some important tips to keep in mind.

Public Relations Manager for the Bangor Humane, Stacey Coventry, said “It is against the law to leave your dog in a hot vehicle.”

According to the Animal Legal and Historical Center, under Maine Law authorities can removed any animal that appears to be in immediate danger from heat exhaustion.

“They will take the dog if they think it’s under distress and bring it to a local shelter. They’ll leave a note, then the person can reclaim the animal for a fee,” said Coventry.

Veterinarian Dr. David Cloutier said if you must leave the dog in the car crack the windows, leave plenty of water, and bring an accessory with you. “So the whole time I’m in the store I have my dogs leash with me as a reminder that my dogs in the car and I need to go check on them.”

The vet said even when it’s cold and rainy, leaving the animal in the car may not be your safest bet. “It was cloudy when I went in the store I was only going to be in there a minute, I ran into my friend it ended up being a half hour, the sun came out and my dog got overheated in the car.”

Conventry said, “If it’s 70 degrees outside its bet 100 degrees in your car even with windows cracked.”

If you see a dog in distress, Coventry says don’t be afraid to call the police or animal control.

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