Elementary Students Honor Their Unsung Heroes

image-5Receiving a medal is a sign of an accomplishment, especially when it comes from someone half your size.

Six members of the ellsworth community were honored Thursday for being deemed “Unsung Heroes” by Ellsworth Elementary School students.

Third Grade Student, Fiona Allen, said “I knew that if we did something good for them, they would feel good inside.

Lt. Gary Saunders from the Ellsworth Fire Department was welcomed with one of the loudest applause from the young crowd. He said, “It’s pretty cool, I gotta say, to have that come from the kids who appreciate what we do as a Fire Department to come into the schools and teach them how to be safe around fire.”

Susan Farley, said these special awards are a reflection on the place she calls home. “I think Ellsworth is a great community and I think there are lots of great things that could still be accomplished. There are people out there who might need extra help and obviously there are people here today who are willing to do that.”

Other recipients include Mark Honey, Deborah McFarland, Marty Huckins, and Catherine Longo.

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