Behind the Market – Part 2

image-4Fail Better Farms has been coming to the Bangor Farmers’ Market for the past few years – talking to customers, giving some cooking tips and making some cash.

The farm owners invited TV 5 reporter Jackie De Tore along to find out what it takes to run a stand.

On this particular day the owners sold Ribs, Chops, Roasts, and Sausage. De Tore learned pretty quickly what the most popular seller is: Maple Breakfast Sausage.

Hanne Tierney, an owner for the farm, said the interaction she has with customers at the markets’ allows her to find out what people really want. “People have been really happy with that change and it’s like alright – they asked for it, we did it, and it’s easy.”

Tierney said two of the most common questions center around gluten and sugar. “We have a hot Italian that doesn’t have sugar. Our garlic has very little sugar and chorizo has very little sugar- but we get asked that a lot.”

The farm has an easy way to keep track of all of their sales – iPads.

Between customer service, sales, and advertising, these farmers do it all.

The owners said they use a good balance between modern technology and good old fashion farming.

Something, De Tore may need a little more practice in.

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