Waterfront Concert Brings Business to Downtown Bangor

image-2Motley Crue was in town Thursday to kick off the Waterfront concert series.

“Between the new waterfront stage and the new arena across from Hollywood Slots, Bangor is going to be rocking,” said Julie Baker Leaden, store manager at Mexicali Blues.

As people head to Darlings Waterfront Pavilion, they’re also helping
the local economy.

Downtown Coordinator for the City of Bangor, Jason Bird, said, “They make a day of it. Shop at local stores, eat at restaurants, and often
stay overnight at the hotels.”

In 2012, over 100,000 people from all over New England came to Bangor for the concert series.

This year, local business owners are hoping for even more.

Jeff Brown, the General Manager at the Seadog Brewing Company says his restaurant is packed on concert days and nights.

“Between 4 and 7 typically and then they go to the show and we get a good crowd post-show usually around 11 o’clock,” said Brown.

Mexicali Blues in Downtown Bangor offers a 20% discount when you come in with a ticket stub the day of or after a concert. The store manager said if you love music, check out Mexicali Blues.

“We have band t-shirts, great festival clothing, funky jewelry. I think
anyone who enjoys a good concert will enjoy our store,” said Baker Leaden.

This year’s line up, including Motley Crue, Kenny Chesney, and Ke$ha is
putting Bangor on the map.

Bird said, “When you look at all of Maine, but even New England, we’re really a destination for entertainment.”

For more information on the concerts this summer, head towaterfrontconcerts.com.

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