High School Senior Designs New Building in Sullivan

image-1Many high schools seniors want to make an impact before graduation, but one 12th grader at Sumner High School will leave behind her own building.

Lizzy Arey has been a student in Mr. Well’s architecture class for two years. Part of the final project for the course is to create for students to create their own structure, from start to finish.

Industrial Arts Teacher, John Wells, said “I’ve had two or three kids use those blue prints and actually build their own house from them.” Wells continued, “In this particular case, Lizzy designed her set of blue prints. She hasn’t built a house yet, but she was really very talented in the program.”

Arey has designed the school’s newest addition: a concession stand, storage unit, and second floor viewing area for sporting events.

To get more students involved, construction classes will help break ground on the project.

Although the project won’t be complete before Ayer graduates, she can’t wait to come home from college and see her idea come to life.

Ayer said, “It’s going to be cool to come back and see it.”

School officials said the building should be finished within two years.

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