Trenton Boys “Trade Up” for a Trip to Florida

image-3A pair of six-year-old cousins from Trenton are getting a lesson on the world of business.

For the past week, Chase Giraud and Izac Miller have been barterting – or what they call – trading up.

Their grandmother, Michelle Carter, told the boys if they make smart trades, they could get a trip to Legoland in Florida.

Six days and seven trades later, the duo turned a toy boat into a vacation!

Carter said, “We couldn’t afford to go by ourselves and it teaches them so many lessons as far as working hard at something.”

When Lego executives heard about the cousin’s business plan, they made the boys an offer they couldn’t refuse.

The family will travel down to Florida in June for the free vacation.

As for the 6-year-olds, they hope to play in lego cars, crash them, and put them back together again.

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