Terrorism and International Relations Experts Weigh in on the Boston Bombing

image-3Safety has been a huge issue since news first broke of the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday afternoon.

Especially on Friday, when millions of people were in a state of lockdown, but with the word terrorism looming over this case, how safe can the american people be?

“These people who were injured in Boston weren’t the intended victims of the terrorist act, but it’s the audience watching.” John Michaud, a former federal agent and chief of a terrorism unit.

Michaud said the bombing attacks brings up more questions than answers.

“I think the best definition would be trans-national. In other words, it’s committed by people who are not from the United States, but are living in the United States,” said the former agent.

Although the bombs were deadly enough to kill three people and injure over 180 people, Michaud says the attack does not seem like it was well planned. “We don’t see the type of explosives that we’d see with the international groups. We don’t see C4’s. we don’t see other types of plastic explosives or what’s known as high yield explosives.”

The FBI says Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s family moved to the US about 10 years ago from Chechnya, a small republic of Russia.

International Relations Professor at the University of Maine, Seth Singleton said Chechnya is about the size of Connecticut and with 1.3 million people, it has about the same population as Maine.

But over the past few decades, life hasn’t been easy for Chechnians, who have been at war with Russia.

Single said, “There we’re kidnappings, there were bombings, there were terrorist attacks in Russia by the Chechens. They took a whole theatre hostage in Moscow in 2002.”

The international relations professor believes the brothers influence does not have to do with the European country, but rather what they’ve experienced in the United States.

“Not with anything that directly happen to them before they came here or with this area of Chechnya their family is from,” said the professor.

This does not even begin to scratch the surface of the investigation that will go into these attacks over the upcoming days, weeks and months.

It is important to note that Michaud made it clear that this attack is one of the first ones we’ve dealt with in the U.S. with the presence of social media and what role that will continue to play.

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