Monthly Archives: April 2013

Trenton Boys “Trade Up” for a Trip to Florida

A pair of six-year-old cousins from Trenton are getting a lesson on the world of business. For the past week, Chase Giraud and Izac Miller have been barterting – or what they call – trading up. Their grandmother, Michelle Carter, told the boys if they make smart trades, they could get a trip to Legoland […]

Law Enforcement Honored for Going Beyond the Call of Duty

The United States Attorneys Office worked over 10.4 million cases in 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Meaning millions of victims have been affected by crime in just the last year. On Thursday, Thomas Delahanty II, the United States Attorney for the District of Maine, honored people who have gone above and beyond […]

Jewett School Students Get Hands-on Tips From the US Coast Guard

Wear a life jacket. That’s what students at a Bucksport school said is the number one thing they learned about water safety. Members of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve and the Jewett School teamed up Wednesday to teach that lesson. It’s part of an education outreach program by the Coast Guard. First grade students learned […]

Terrorism and International Relations Experts Weigh in on the Boston Bombing

Safety has been a huge issue since news first broke of the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday afternoon. Especially on Friday, when millions of people were in a state of lockdown, but with the word terrorism looming over this case, how safe can the american people be? “These people who were injured in Boston weren’t […]

Simulator Puts Civilians in Law Enforcement’s Shoes

Gun Control has been a hot topic in Washington. Back here in Maine, one man says regardless of your stance on the issue, you need to learn how to handle a weapon you might not have considered. “You have to be able to protect yourself, but everybody has the gift of gab, or whatever you […]