Mainers Find Ways to Stay Warm as the Temperature Drops

image-4Waking up to negative temperatures may not be the perfect start to your morning, but over the past few days, cold temperatures have been a wake up call for people across the state.

Justin Platt is used seeing the thermometer drop below zero by now. He’s a gas attendant in Bangor and for him, staying warm is just part of the job.

“I dress in layers, put the old calories on, keep ’em going, and just stay busy,” said the gas attendant.

Like Platt, many of us are prepared for the cold temperatures, but it doesn’t mean we enjoy it. Especially students, because sub zero temperatures usually means indoor recess.

Principal of the Vine Street School in Bangor, Tim McCluske said “November through March have some very cold days where we have to keep them inside to keep them safe.”

The Vine Street School in Bangor has taken a different approach. They’ve turned indoor recess into activity central. Students can draw, play with Legos, hit the books, or even play some video games – something they look forward to on a chilly day.

“Now when the announcement is made that they have to stay inside, there are no groans and moans. They’re wondering what station they’re going to,” said McCluske.

While you’re bundling up the kids for school, you can’t forget about fido!

Bangor Humane Society Public Relations Manager, Stacey Coventry said “You want to limit their time outdoors. Days like today, only 10-20 minutes at a time. Let them com in, warm up a little bit before you send them back out.”

Be sure to check your pets when they come indoors. Coventry said red paws or ears could be a sign of frostbite. “They give us the same signs we do when they’re getting really cold.”

As the days get colder, it seems like bundling up is the best you can do.

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