Nokomis High School Alumni Benefit Their Alma Mater

320x320_imageRSU 19 faced some large budget cuts and one of the hard hit areas is the music program, which lost about $30,000 in funding.

When former students heard the news, they decided to come together to make sure the younger generations have the same high school experience they enjoyed.

Courtney Graves and Nathan Baird graduated from Nokomis High School in 2008, but they are heading back to their old stomping grounds to give back.

“We just can’t let this happen, so we had the great idea to put on a variety show,” said Graves.

Now the alumni are raising money for the school’s music program with the help of their community. While both students have continued their education, they say what they learned in the halls of Nokomis, is priceless.

Baird said “80% of what people learn typically has nothing to so with the lesson they are taught in class. So, these extra ciriccular activities are really, really important.”

For Graves, what she learned outside the classroom took her all the way to the west coast.

“The Nokomis program put on the young americans when I was in the 4th grade and again in high school and from that it actually inspired me to go to school in California for the Young Americans, they’ve done so much for me without even realizing it,” said the Class of 2008 graduate.

With Graves in California and Baird studying for his masters degree, both say they will always call Newport home.

“Cause one day I would like to come back, so you never know,” said Baird.

They are holding a benefit at the Palmyra Community Center Friday from 7pm-10pm.

There will be performances by past and current Nokomis High School students. The alumni will also hold a 50/50 raffle and a silent auction.

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