Postal Workers Beat the Clock on the Busiest Delivery Day of the Year

image-2Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep the postal carriers from their rounds, especially during the holiday season.

Mike Cox is a veteran when it comes to delivering the mail in Brewer. He has honored his postal pledge for over 25 years.

“Usually you’ll go through the sleet and snow and you’ll have to be prepared for that,” said Cox.

The week before Christmas is always an exciting challenge for Mike. December 17th is Busiest mailing day for holiday packages, while December 20th is Busiest delivery day of the year.

The Brewer Postman said “We’ve been lucky enough a lot of days to have an extra person to grab parcels for us if it gets too heavy.”

Thanks to the internet people use snail mail less and less, but the United States Postal Service believes they are adjusting to the times.

“Definitely over the past few years packages have really picked up and that’s a good sign,” said the 25 year veteran.

Not only is there an increase in packages due to online sales, but mail carriers even pick up packages at people’s homes now so they don’t have to go to the post office. But for this longtime postal employee, who delivers mail in his hometown, the holiday season is all about giving thanks.

Cox said “I got this route over 19 years ago and it’s been fantastic, it’s been great.”

The Brewer post office alone has delivered over 12,000 packages during December.

USPS Corporate Communications Director, Tom Rizzo said December 21st is the last day to send something priority mail if you want it to arrive by Christmas, but if you’re really procrastinating, December 22nd is the last day to send your holiday gifts via express mail.

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