Military Personnel Honor Those Who Died in the Pearl Harbor Attacks

imagePresident Franklin D. Roosevelt said December 7th, 1941 was a day that will live on infamy. On that day, 71 years later, Americans continue to pay tribute.

Veterans, active duty personnel and ROTC students gathered in Bangor on Friday to drop a wreath in memory of those who lost their lives during the Pearl Harbor attacks.

High School Senior, Chapin Frost said “Such a massive loss of life. It was dramatic for the entire country.”

Every year, the young and the old, veterans and future heroes, come together to remember the past and look to the future.

Jr. Vice Commander, Department of Maine VFW, Ron Smith said “It’s just a way for the people of Bangor to recognize the sacrifices of those who went before us.”

Bangor may be thousands of miles away from Pearl Harbor, but a heroes memory lives on in downtown.

Private Orr was the first Bangor resident killed at Pearl Harbor, a plaque dedicated to him sits on the bridge, just inches away from where military personnel drop a wreath.

The wreath lays on the Kenduskeag Stream as a constant reminder of the people who have fought the nation’s freedom. The green symbolizes eternal life, while the circle represents a bond that will never be broken.

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