A Birch Harbor Couple Celebrates 70 Years of Marriage

Avery and Estelle Chipman met when they were just kids.

“See, I was 19 years old, so I was nice looking and very attractive. She wasn’t the only one after me,” Avery Joked.

They married on a Snowy day, November 16th, 1942. They had walked around the town, hand in hand, looking for a minister to marry them and they found him, after a funny story, of course. “He had just been up at the church, road home on a bicycle and hit a skunk,” Estelle said.

The rest is history with 70 years of marriage, four children, nine grand children, dozens of great-grand children and even one great-great-grandchild.

Estelle, a post master, and Avery, an army veteran, made their home in Birch Harbor. Avery built it 65 years ago and they’ve live there ever since. Pictures and awards fill the walls of the house, that they made a home. They’ve welcomed many people into their dwelling over the years, giving each one the hope that true love does exist.

“This area is just one big happy family,” said Dick Bridges, The Chipman’s Son-In-law.

Newlywed, Stacey Scott said “To meet them and know somebody can be married that long and still love each other is just so great.”

The couple has been to dozens of weddings over the years, and they say they give the same advice to every new bride and groom.

Avery said he reminds them of their vows. “You think of the words you just said a few minutes again and you’ll be alright” and Estelle has other advice. “Just be loving, king, thoughtful, and don’t go to bed mad.”

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