Hermon High School Goes Blonde

Hermon High School’s Music Department is bringing a popular film to life.

Legally Blonde follows the story of Elle Woods, a fashion student who goes to Harvard Law School to impress an old flame. It’s a show with a lot of pink and some “bends and snaps.”

Taylor Gervais, who plays “Emmett” in the production said “It’s been very fun, it’s been challenging, it has been a challenging show.”

“The choreography is brilliant. It’s a lot of girly dance moves, some hip hop, and a lot of stuff you don’t see in musicals today,” said Catherine McElvain, portraying “Elle Woods.” “It’s been a dream role of mine. I’m so happy to have gotten it and the cast is great. We all have worked so hard for it,” continued McElvain.

The show is more than just an after school production. Students can enroll in several elective classes at the high school which teach them all about the music business. The 42 cast members in the show all have several different roles, on stage and off.

“We actually do all the marketing, set design for the most part, and costumes,” said “Delta Nu,” Nicolette Hashey.

The show is also getting these high school seniors excited for college. Katie Reynosa, who plays “Brooke Windham” said “If every sorority was like the Delta Nu house, I would love to be in a sorority, it’s so much fun.”

You can catch the show at the Hermon High School Auditorium November 15th-18th. Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s show will begin at 7 pm, while Sunday’s performance will start at 2 pm.

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