Energy Efficient Heat Pumps Can Save Homeowners Money

The colder weather reminds us that we need to start thinking about how to keep our homes warm during the cold weather, but before you turn on the thermostat, a new product could put change back in your pockets and this classroom is full of contractors are learning how to save you money.

Fujitsu Heat Pump Sales Manager, Roger Willet said, “We actually educate the contractors on proper installation techniques, as well as application.”

They are learning how to install new energy efficient heat pumps for your home. The Mini Split Ductless Pumps can heat or cool your home and it works just like a common household appliance.

“Your refrigerator removes heat from your food and rejects it into the room. The refrigerant boils off in the outdoor unit at the low temperatures and rejects that heat into your home” said Willet.

Here in Maine, 5,000 hours are spent each year heating our homes, making it even more important to find ways to save money.

Bangor Hydro Spokeswoman, Susan Faloon said, “We expect that customers would save up to half on their heating cost, yes they will see a larger electric bill, but your overall energy cost will go down.”

These new machines are three to four times more efficient than electric heat and can handle temperatures down to -15 degrees.

“The new units and new technology forthcoming are going to allow folks to run these units year round,” said Jay Green, Operations Manager for R.H. Foster Energy Division.

Since Maine is prone to negative temperatures, these units probably can’t be used as a primary heating source just yet, but experts say they are improving each year.

For more information on how you can receive a rebate for the new heat pump, you can visit

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