RSU 19 Cuts School Programs after Failed Loan Proposal Vote

Students in the RSU 19 School District will have to learn with fewer resources for the rest of the school year.

The proposed $3.6 million loan to help restore and repay some of the districts debt, failed by 353 votes.

A parent of five children in RSU 19, Kelly Monk, said “It’s sad because it’s affecting the kids and it was not their fault.”

Superintendent Gregory Potter said cuts are effective immediately, including the elimination of all JV and Middle school sports, after school bus programs, and six staff members will lose their jobs. 

Potter said, “I think there’s a strong sentiment that the district needs to be held accountable for what occurred and I believe it is. All we can do at this point is continue to work.”

One Palmyra resident, who voted “no” for the proposed loan, blames the deficit on the former superintendent. Faylene Webster, member of a committee against the loan, said “For them to blatantly come out and ask taxpayers for a $3.6 million loan, when if they were doing their homework right, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Parents said it’s not only hurting the kids, but the community as a whole. Jim Ivory said, “Nobody’s going to want to move here. What’s going to draw people to the community? The defunct school system?”

The superintendent said they will cut $1.6 million during the remainder of the school year, and that has people looking at other options. 

”I’ve also explored other avenues as far as transferring kids to other area schools” said Monk.

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