Military Officials Honor Female Veterans

Women have been serving in U.S. military since the birth of our nation, on Friday, Maine officials honored some of those veterans.

“The recognition of their service and sacrifice is important to us,” said Peter Ogden, Director of Maine Veterans’ Services.

Women who have served in the military since World War II were honored for their devotion to our country. Each veteran received a commemorative silver coin from the State of Maine. First Lady Ann LePage was on hand to

Odgen said, “A lot of our women veterans don’t believe they were veterans because they didn’t serve in combat, but they are women veterans. We are trying to draw them out and recognize that and thank them for their service.”

The veterans are proud to receive such an honor. One family even had three generations of women serving in all different branches of the military.

“I joined when I was 18 and have 28 years between the Marine Corps. and Army,” said Lisa Turner, a veteran from Rome. She continued, “It’s a great honor for me to be honored with my mom here too.”

The family said their blood lines even trace back to the Civil and Revolutionary was, and they’re not done yet. Ruth Pullen, a vet from Smithfield, said “We have a lot of great grandchildren growing up, so I’m sure some of them will go in.”

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