St. Joseph Family Medicine Takes Patients Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Saint Joseph Family Medicine in Bangor is usually pretty busy treating patients, but this Halloween they traveled “Somewhere over the rainbow” and transformed their office into Emerald City.

Physician, Heather Evans, who was Dorothy for the day, said, “I think this is the first time I’ve ever had an entire office dress up all together too. So it’s been really fun, we’re having a really good time with it.”

The ladies at the front desk came up with the idea for the entire office become the Land of Oz. One munchkin even made some of the costumes herself. Stacey West, who works in the office and designed the outfits, got creative when showing off the Lion’s mane. “Her costume I made out of a sheet, a flannel sheet.”

Every character from the film was accounted for. The Flying monkeys were all together. The cowardly lion, Tin man, and scarecrow followed the yellow brick road. Of course, patients paid no attention to the man behind the curtain, but they couldn’t avoid the frightening wicked witch of the west!

The patients loved it. Some even planned their appointments for halloween just to see the cast of characters. “We’re still professional, we still see patients and we want them to feel comfortable,” said West.

The employees said they plan to make this Halloween theme a tradition at the office.

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