Buisness is Booming for One Family-Owned Orchard

It’s pumpkin picking season here in Maine.

The owners of Treworgy Family Orchards in Levant are pretty excited about this year. “It’s the best crop we’ve ever had,” said Robin Pellerin, Retail Manager at Treworgy Family Orchards. The 5-acres of pick your own pumpkins has people of all ages searching for the perfect gourd.

Nathaniel Gardner and Angelica Underhill made the trip to the orchards with their son, Luke. They said “We’re bringing Luke to get his first pumpkin. He was born in May, he’s going to be five months old this weekend, so we’re getting his first jack-o-lantern today.”

There are plenty of pumpkins, just waiting to be carved, at the farm. The family, who usually plants their crop in June, even has their own irrigation system. Pellerin said, “We had the ability to draw right off the pond, so these pumpkins are nice pond-fed pumpkins.”

So, what’s the secret to keeping your pumpkin nice and orange throughout the fall?

“Just give it a little bleach wash when you get home and it will last a long time,” the retail manager said.

The Treworgy orchards will be open until pumpkin seasons ends on October 28th.

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