Waldo County Habitat for Humanity Celebrates “World Habitat Day”

The residents on Old County Road in Searsport can’t wait to meet their new neighbors. Soon enough, a one family will walk through the door of this Waldo County house and call it home.

Past Chairman of Habitat for Humanity of Waldo County, Randy Mailoux, said “The goal of Habitat for Humanity is not to give people a hand out. It’s to give them a hand up.”

This Habitat for Humanity home is built by volunteers and almost everything, from the foundation to the roof, is donated. Now a lucky family will enjoy the holidays in a nice warm home.

Sen. Susan Collins said, “We all look forward to being home for the holidays, it’s just a coincidence,” said Mailoux.

Volunteers are working day and night to make sure the new family will be in their new home by December 1st. “They didn’t even want to take a break for a moment today,” the Senator added.

People from all different backgrounds are helping shape lumber and nails into a home. “The skill level here is incredibly high, except for when I’m helping out,” Sen. Collins joked, but she is just one of the many people who are donating their time and compassion.

“It’s just people wanting to help. People trying to do something good for their neighbors. That’s all it is.”

This is the second home Habitat of Waldo County has built since they started in 2009. Board members hope one day they can put deserving families in a new home every year.

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