St. Joseph Hospital Adopts a Rural Elementary School

Usually this classroom is full of students, but this day is different.

Thanks to St. Joseph Hospital and the Lincoln Food Cupboard, the students at Kingman Elementary school are learning a different lesson.

Administrator for Public Relations at St. Joseph Hospital, Bethany McKnight said, “We have the ability to help these folks, so let’s join together and do that.”

With only eight fulltime students, this school is too small to qualify for most grants. They survive with the help of sponsors.

“With the help of our community we’re able to offer everything that a larger school can,” said Kingman Elementary Principal, Beth Eyles.

St. Joseph Hospital wants to make sure of that. They’ve adopted the school to make sure students get what they need to learn.

McKnight said, “So we’ll providing a gift to everyone on their birthday and we’re also thinking a winter carnival possibly. All kinds of different things to help meet the needs.” Those needs are met. Students learn and sometimes they even have a little fun.

One of the students, 7-year-old Mason, said “I like it because there’s a bounce house and a lot of toys.”

This school may be small, but the lessons are big. Students learn that giving back, even a little bit, can change a persons life. The principal says, “We just work at school all day and at the end of the day we go home, just like everyone else.”

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