Police and Pharmacy Employees Team up to Stop Drug Store Robberies

We’ve seen it in Bangor, Waterville, Augusta, and all over Maine. People are robbing pharmacy’s and demanding drugs. there’s been a 1200% increase in that crime over the past four years.

“It’s ridiculous how scary it is to work in a pharmacy,” said Stephanie Kleyman, an Employee at Brewer Medical Center.

In 2008, there were 2 pharmacy robberies in the state of Maine. So far in 2012, there’s been 39. Brewer Police Lieutenant Chris Martin said, “One more other type of crime to an underlying drug epidemic that’s out there.”

Law enforcement wants to put a stop to these crimes. Their teaming up with pharmacy employees to get inside criminal’s minds and stop them in their tracks.

Kleyman said, “I want these people captured if they’re doing these things, so I want to know what I can do to help.”

Brewer Police Department wants employees to play a big part in their investigations. Lieutenant Martin is offering seminars for pharmacy employees. The focus: Prevention and response to these drug related crimes.

“By working together we can minimize and reduce the impact of these crimes,” said Martin.

Pharmacy workers from around the state are now a vital asset to these types of investigations.

The Lieutenant said, “Pharmacy robberies have increased because they were easier targets than once believed.”

Now these employees are trained to pay attention to every little detail, making drug stores harder targets to hit.

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