In a Huge Budget Deficit, One RSU 19 School gets a Little Boost

School supplies can be expensive, but now Target Stores across the country want to make it a little easier.

It’s part of the “Give with Target” Campaign. Over the past few weeks anyone could go onto Target’s website and vote for a school they think deserves some extra cash.When the Etna Dixmont School Parent Teacher Fellowship, or PTF, heard about the campaign, they started spreading the word.

PTF President, Christie Hermon, said “Everything that PTF does is for the students anyway, so it gave us the extra boost we needed to get the school year started.”

For every 25 votes the school received, they got a $25 gift card to the stores. The school will soon see a check for $800, thanks to their 822 votes.

Etna Dixmont School Principal, Jane Stork, said “It became that all over the country, people were helping the Etna Dixmont School, so it was really nice.”

It’s also a great life lesson for the students.

“Really the kids are great, they understand that every penny helps,” the principal said.

Principal Stork thinks the money will go towards new LCD screens in the classrooms, but she’ll let the staff vote on what the school needs most.

“Whether it’s a field trip or a box of crayons, just to see the kids smile and know we’re paying back to the school,” Hermon said.

Which isn’t an easy task these days. Over the past few weeks, the RSU 19 has been facing a huge budget deficit.

Stork said, “I’m not going to say that the budget crisis of RSU 19 isn’t going to affect EDS, but our day-to-day life, we work really hard, the kids do what they need to do and the community supports us. That’s what’s really important.”

The students, teachers, and community members, take it day by day. “We just have to keep moving forward,” said stork.”

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